Jesper Olsen med kurs mod Sydafrika

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PÅ vej mod Sydafrika.....

Den danske verdensløber Jesper Olsen er godt på igennem Mozambique. Humøret er efter omstændighederne højt;;-). Læs rapporten her:

BEMÆRK: Der er lagt videoptagelser på fra Kenya.

Latest report from the runner

The accumulated distance is based on recieved reports. Reports may be delayed due bad GSM coverage. Therefore the accumolated distance will be too short, and will automatically be corrected as the missing reports arrives.

Distance today: 42.0 km (Accumulated: 18985.8 km)
Elapsed time: 04:15:07

Start 09:30am. at farm-sign " <- Agrovisa", ca. 120km N. of Maputo, on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 22c, rain and m. wind. Finish 16:14pm. At "Mercado Municipal da Manhica" in Manhica city, ca. 80km N. of Maputo, on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 26c, o.c. and same.

Christmas running calender, day 14:

.. One of the more world run specific joy's perhaps, but a huge extra benefit of running - is the "support crews" you meet & work with during your way !!

Since running in this way is simply at times (in deserts, extreme heat, predator-wildlife areas and during severy illness) so demanding that you depend on other persons kind and patient help transporting water, food & equiptment - while They endure the same conditions ... This builds a strong respect and joy in seeing the work they put forward to make the run a success and records reached Smile

Lately senor Louiz great effort of by now nearly 2 months crewing, each day w. positive motivation !! And before him the extremely patient Chaia in Northern Mozambique; my smiling and humorous South Tanzanian cab-support driver; the perhaps Toughest stint' of the whole run taken by Tommy from denmark through Ethiopia, Kenya and most of Tanzania enduring my Viking-temper as I almost broke apart running in the heat & dust; before him "the 3 ethiopian boys" who from their minibus kept me safe from stonethrowing as far as the finances could reach; in S. Sudan mr. Elkhir reliable as a desert rock and making sure I kept up 50km/day even in 50c heat - when he was not negotiating for his 2. whife ;-); through Khartoums kamikaze traffic w. support by diplomat and desert princess Line Smile, and a long sunburnedstint supporting me to run safely through the Sahara desert by Canadian-English-Sudanese team of Dee, Jamie & Mohammad; and and and.. The list goes on and on. Each a chance to get a glimse of a life often very different from mine but Fascinating, as the long moments spend in vast nature lets all cornersof the soul surface Smile

And Such Support to have !!! THANKS Smile)

... Afterall I guess its not that world run specific: The team you have at a 6day or24hour run, or your whife, children, friends making it possible for You to "take a timeout" or motivating you to go out for a jogg ! To appreciate.. :-)NB: Short updated timeplan for last part of Africa:

Maputo, Mozambique, 16. Dec.

Goba, Swaziland border 19. Dec.
Siteki 20. Dec.
(Christmas rest 21-25. Dec.)
Big Bend 27. Dec.
Lavumis - Golela border into S. Africa 30. Dec.

South Africa:
Hwy. N2 via Durban (mid. January), East London (primo February), Pt. Elizabeth (mid. February) to Cape Town. Expected end 1. March but much depending on supportcar or pushing stroller Smile


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