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Latest report from the runner

The accumulated distance is based on recieved reports. Reports may be delayed due bad GSM coverage. Therefore the accumolated distance will be too short, and will automatically be corrected as the missing reports arrives.

Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 18706.8 km)
Elapsed time: 04:09:00

Start 09:35am. at entrypath to unknown village (please see live-gps point), ca. 380km N. of Maputo, on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 26c, humid, cloudy and l. wind. Finish 16:30pm. At tarmac-marker, white paint, \"59.900\", on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 38c and same.

Christmas running calender, day 6:
One of the main motivations to run is the closeness to Nature - The way it makes you feel and appreciate the changes in seasons, the weather, different terrain, animals, the tiny changes around your usual running path, plants & trees becoming a dynamic scenery.

.. Ofcourse you can experience this from a car, bicycle, walking, etc. But I guess its the way you use & get to know your own body, the physical effort and strain involved in each step, wich makes it obvios that you are not just an observer passing by - but an integral part of Nature yourself. On the very good days you may get the feeling of having a direct understanding of or kinship with the nature wich sourrounds you, beyond what words let you express Smile

On todays stage the blue lagoons, the small farmfields of pineapple, mango and tea-plants and the coconutpalm forrests along the road was a thing to appreciate Smile Even though the feeling of the season changing towards summer w. blistering sun and high humidity is not quite as wellcome a feeling at the moment Wink

But the beauty of the tropical flowers growing wild at roadside and beginning to blossom after the first monsoon rains and the Silence under a vast starfilled sky at night is indeed a present to appreciate !

And I certainly am in need of the extra motivation after a scenario as today. Electricity gone resulting in35-40c inside the small bungalow, no water - no shower after a saunarun in high humidity. Topped up w. a visit at an atm withdrawing 100usd to buy foodbut no cash dispensed despite reciept of the money has been deducted... Yes there are certainly days where other motivation factors are needed Wink

(Ps: The deduction-but-no-cash at atms are a regular ocurrence here in Africa. This time the B.I.M. bank, but usually a \'surprise\' connected w. using Barclays Bank Atms; 3 times in total in Tanzania & Mozambique whereof 1 got paid back, but still 500usd was lost in this new way of robbery /banking business)

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Henrik Lund Jensens billede
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