18.115,8 km

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Jesper Olsen på vej gennem Mozambique

Den danske verdensløber er nu oppe påat have løbet ikke færre en 18.115,8 km i World Run II, som foreløbig bringer ham på kurs mod Sydafrika.

Her er hans seneste rapport fra worldrun.org:

Latest report from the runner

The accumulated distance is based on recieved reports. Reports may be delayed due bad GSM coverage. Therefore the accumolated distance will be too short, and will automatically be corrected as the missing reports arrives.

Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 18115.8 km)
Elapsed time: 03:49:27

Start 08:32am. at white tarmac-marker "K3" ca. 3km N. of Muezungue, on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 20c, o.c. and l. wind. Finish 13:11pm. At entrance-path to Matongua village, ca. 37km S. of Muezungue, on the EN1-hwy to Maputo. 22c, monsoon-rain and same.

Friends from far away.. Smile

The distance back to europe is by now around 15 000 and to Norway ca. 17 500km. To Siberia somewhere near 25 000km.

Numbers wich I know it takes quite a while (and a few battles Wink to run. But friendship easily overcomes those barriers..

Just recently I got a message from my friend, fellow ultrarunner and supportdriver the 10 500km through Russia in wr1, Alexander Rachenka !
He told me that he had also this year organized a memorial trail ultraracein Siberia at the day of the finish of wr1 (23. Oct, Greenwich, 2005). Its 5.th year that they make the memorial race ! Amazing Smile

And if the wr1 havehad an impact on runners met in Siberia during that Wonderfull struggle from the Baltic Sea and out to the Pacific Ocean at Vladivostock - Then the impact of experiensing Siberia runningstep by runningstep is equally strong: I will always MISS that fantastic part of the world and often I long back to itsoutstanding friendship and endless nature !! "Spaciba" for such memories and continious friendship Smile

Today came a message from a Norwegian friend who has had a big impact on wr2, Erik Nossum. Erik helped plan the first critical week of the present run with its start 500km North of the Arctic Circle in some quite tough terrain. Yet w. Erik on the team there was not a detail wich he hadnt gone over w. perfectionism including showing up w. his friend Geir and providing full carsupport to the run untill it was well in hands of equally perfectionist Finland runners at the border to Finland/Lappland.

- He may also have a central role in the finishing stages of the run; but thats far too early to tell more about now Smile

Nb: Erik is at present aiming fora pb at the Espoo 24h race in Finland, 30-31. January 2010. If anyone nearby in Helsinki can help crewing for him, I know it would be a great help to this sympatetic and skilled runner as he's at the moment searching for a crew !
He can be contacted via

Kiitos !! Smile

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