Ungarsk ultraløber mangler supporter til 100 Miles

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Adam Zahoran fra Ungarn mangler en supporter til 100 Miles – Around the isle of Mors den 10.-11. September. Adam har selv bil med så man skal bare have kørekort, og lyst til at følge en af verdens bedste utraløbere på de 160,9 km. rundt om Mors.smiley


Som det kan ses på hans statistik, løber han 100 km. på 07:26:34, så man skal nok forvente en ”arbejdsdag” på 12-15 timer.


Hvis det har interesse kan jeg kontaktes på akt[@]100miles.dk


Do you know anyone who could help me being a car or bike supporter of me in September? We would have our own car with anything necessaries, like insurance, official papers. So all I need is a driver, plus if it's possible someone else too, who can crew following me by bike.
As you can see I speak English fluently, my German isn't too bad either, what is more, I am not a difficult (speechless, peevish, angry) person to get on with - I do respect my supporters and I tend to communicate with them during races.
I wouldn't mind if he or she is old, young, male or female. For example, if it's a really popular event among students, there may be some students who would help me.
My problem is that I don't know anyone from Danemark and you probably have better connections so that's exactly why i am hoping you could advice someone?
If you don't know anyone, who could help me, please give some contacts to school-directors so as I can write them in case they know any enthusiastic students which would feel like helping me
Thank you in advance!



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