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Latest report from the runner

The accumulated distance is based on recieved reports. Reports may be delayed due bad GSM coverage. Therefore the accumolated distance will be too short, and will automatically be corrected as the missing reports arrives.

Distance today: 37.0 km (Accumulated: 20353.0 km)
Elapsed time: 03:30:47

Start 08:35am at white sign "Kinderton Farm, Langdon Estates", on the N2 hwy. to Cape Town, ca.55km N of East London. 21c, few cl. and l. wind. Finish 12:55pm at "N2-16, 30,0" on the N2 hwy. to Cape Town, ca.20km N of East London. 28c and same.

Finally getting back towards normal stage lengths again Smile
After the run through the last part of the green and very hilly Transkei area I was accomodated at Richard and his whifesfarm out in the rural areas w. a fantastic view over the deep valleys below the farm - the same valleys & mountainpasses wich I had struggled my way up through yesterday by good help of Kwenga who now has returned to his home in the Transkei, and Richards whife has kindly taken over as my next support-crew !

.. Amazing helpfullness here in South Africa !!

Nb: On todays stage there probably is a little interuption, a few hundred meters, in the live-gps transmission of the run to the website. (I had to change batteries & couldnt get the gps-sys. to resume the tracking right away). I expect that it willbe 2-3 days before I have fully implemented SportsTracker as the present way of live-documenting each step of the run - and these types of technologies often requires a bit of getting used to. So please bear with that there might be smaller interruptions next couple of days Smile

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Henrik Lund Jensens billede
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